Reliable communication for daily use in control rooms, command centers and emergency call centers

Reliable communication is everything

Reliable communication is of immense importance in dispatch centers, control rooms and emergency control centers. Especially for this need, we develop a range of headsets, table microphones and handheld microphones. All headsets are specially adapted to the needs of voice communication systems (VCS). But not only headsets for the VCS system, but also our USB series can be easily used in the control room.

With our headsets, not only the functional side is developed down to the smallest detail, we also care a lot about the wearing comfort. In control centers headsets are worn for a long time, in emergencies and major events also quite a long time of use. Thanks to the technology used and the construction, our headsets are extremely comfortable to wear.

Comfort & Quality

The Coolmax® technology, for example, keeps the ear almost always dry, as it is a very breathable fabric. The ergonomic goosenecks can be perfectly aligned to the voice transmission, and this provides crystal clear communication to the caller.

Due to the adapted, wideband-capable headsets, the voice of the caller is perfect transmitted and again queries are not necessary.

High safety & flexibility

But not only is the headset ideally adapted to the conditions in control centers, our table microphones and handset meet all the requirements in control centers.

High stability and also high-performance speakers and microphones give you maximum safety in every situation. Our USB products can also be connected directly to Windows or Linux capable computer systems. The products do not require an external sound card or drivers and therefore offer maximum flexibility.



Here you have the possibility to download our product catalogue about the products for USB applications.

If you are interested in our products for USB applications, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at any time.

Portfolio USB (en)

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