Comfortable headsets for communication and use in office and call center areas, as well as Voice over IP solutions

We have your solution!

The daily use of headsets in call centers and in the office area is very normal today. You as a user do not only have both hands free, but also have an excellent sound quality through state-of-the-art technology deployment.

The high wearing comfort and the perfect fit make your daily work easier. Our headsets are specially designed for office and call centers applications.


Headsets for these areas include ex. Wideband capability for superior and natural sound and noise-canceling microphones. This sophisticated acoustic quality offers you a perfect day in the office and does not cause any annoying background noise in the communication with your client. The Acoustic Shock Protection also protects your hearing from spikes that can occur in the telephone systems.


The headsets can be delivered with different Quick Disconnect plugs or USB connectors. The headsets can be connected to UC systems or, for example, also be used with Skype for Business.

The headsets work with cable or wireless.

The decision is yours!

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