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General explanation of the ISO.
The ISO is the International Standardization Organization.

The standard for the requirements of the quality management system is ISO 9001. It is the most widely used and most important standard in quality management (QM) both nationally and internationally. Certification to ISO 9001 is possible for companies and organizations of all sizes and industries, and forms the basis for a continuous improvement process of the quality management system (QMS) within a company.

For you, this means concretely:

Imtradex Hör- / Sprechsysteme GmbH is regularly certified by an independent body and audited for compliance with the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. The standard describes the minimum requirements for Imtradex quality management. By compliance and implementing the ISO 9001, a higher level of customer satisfaction is achieved, and the quality is increased through suitable operating figures and improvement processes.