Intelligent headset solutions for use in the logistics and idustrial sector in conjuntion wirh Pick by Voice systems

Variety of possibilities in the logistics sector

Every company wants to shorten their processes and achieve a high degree of efficiency. Pick-By-Voice helps you to streamline this process in warehouses and logistics areas.

Here, the headset forms the interface between man and machine, and due to this more important is the choice of the headset for the user. The Imtradex headsets does not only provide a high level of security by using anti-shock protection on suitable headsets, but also offer the option of being used in special areas, such as freezing.

The pick-by-voice method uses computer-aided picking procedures and the user and operator gets his instructions through the headset and confirms them, after picking the goods. Here, understandability in the different application is indispensable. It depends on the right choice of headset. Imtradex offers a variety of options and connectors to a variety of popular pick-by-voice systems.


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