Safety-related headsets for authorities and communication accessories for security-relevant operations

Special equipment for the different areas of application

Traditionally, the authorities and organizations with security tasks are also called “public safety organizations”. Of course, the different organizations and authorities have different requirements. Police and fire brigade or others can usually not get along with the same headset. Due to the different requirements, special headsets are created for the various applications.

For the fire departments, the FireTalk series was developed, which has been used is this area for a long time with a variety of radios. The FireTalk series features a headset that allows the user to fully understand his commands and instructions via the headset due to the high volume, but he also continues to understand his surroundings. Of course, a waterproof microphone capsule should not be missing in this area.

The Aurelis Series

In addition, there are specially developed loudspeaker-microphones for the digital radios units for use in the police, the fire department or in the military field.

The Aurelis Series is a flexible handheld-microphone unit which offers a large individual tailored design. Here you can integrate additional functions that can be supported by your radio, or additional keys can be implemented.

High security

In the police segment, of course, there are not only uniformed persons, but communication is also essential in the civilian area and that also means an enormous level of security for civilian search operations.

Here, the covert communication supports the investigators in their daily work. Whether by radio or mobile phone, there are many set options.



Here you have the possibility to download the product brochure for public safety organizations.

If you are interested in IMTRADEX products or applications, our employees are always available to answer your questions.

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Compatibilities with the firefighter helmets.

Other helmets and adaptations are available. Other certifications can also be made on request.

PTT Buttons

Versatility, Functionality & Durability

In outdoor use, the PTT buttons are very often in use, especially our PTT-8. Whether connected to digital or analogue radios, or in use on GSM-R devices, the transmit button is convincing.

Whether fire brigades or police, in the dispatch room or the control room, in the tower or in the ground handling crew, our transmitters have very large application areas and convince by their functionality, long-life cycle and the simple, ergonomic and safe handling in the daily use.

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Handheld and table microphones

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OnGuard BlueTalk Clear+

For police, security services and investigators, Imtradex offers OnGuard BlueTalk Clear+, a solution that can be worn concealed. It connects wirelessly to the mobile phone that the investigator carries.

By means of a likewise wireless send button, calls can be accepted, initiated or ended, and this for hours – thanks to integrated rechargeable batteries.

Combined with a neck loop, an MP3 headset or a professional neckband headset, Imtradex guarantees maximum performance – for demanding missions.

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Equipment for tactical units


Communications for safety-critical missions.
State-of-the-art tactical communications and hearing protection systems.

Intelligent hearing protection
Protects soldiers’ hearing from hearing damage.

Situational awareness
Natural hearing and directionality in all conditions.

Modularity and flexibility for mobile use.

Seamless communication – anywhere – easily and quickly.

Special headsets for special requirements

For example, the Invisio products offer, among other things, hearing protection and awareness of the environment, but without neglecting the protection of the person, or the neckband headsets from Imtradex offer pressure-free use with a large contact surface, and all this is helmet-independent.