An overview of the most frequently asked questions

Which connector has the WL-DECT base station?2022-11-07T12:32:14+00:00

The connection plug of the WL-Dect base station has an RJ12 connection with 6/6 assignment.

Which assignment does our Nexus plug / socket have?2022-11-07T12:23:54+00:00

The Nexus socket on our products has a Savox assignment.

Where is the adaption of the headset to the radio done?2022-11-07T12:41:01+00:00

All adjustments to the corresponding systems or radios are carried out in the send button.

What’s the difference between FireTalk EN443 and the FireTalk S EN443?2022-11-07T12:27:33+00:00

The FireTalk EN443 version consists of 2 parts, the helmet adapter and the microphone speaker unit. In the Fire Talk S EN443 version, the microphone speaker unit is firmly bolted to the helmet adapter.

What is the difference between BlueTalk Clear+ and the normal BlueTalk?2022-11-07T12:29:43+00:00

The Clear + technology is a wireless transmission technology and requires special transmission technology. With the classic BlueTalk, a headset can be connected directly.

What is the difference between and NC microphone and an OMC microphone?2022-11-07T12:39:03+00:00

A noise-canceling microphone filters the ambient noise so that only the useful signal is transmitted. An omnidirectional microphone picks up ambient noise in addition to the useful signal due to its directional characteristic (spherical shape).

What is the Clear+ technology?2022-11-07T12:35:22+00:00

The Clear + technology is a modulation technique and is used by us to transmit the audio signal for covert detection and discreet use of audio technology over a wireless link.

What does it mean with OnGuard units when the term two-wire or three-wire unit is used?2022-11-07T12:37:08+00:00

The OnGuard II has a microphone integrated, and only two wires are needed. The OnGuard III has a remote microphone (tie microphone) so three wires are needed here.

Is there also another description for the Nexus connector available?2022-07-19T16:38:13+00:00

Yes, commonly the connector is also known as TP-120. There are different versions available. We use the 4-pin version.

Is there a standard length of cable between the FireTalk top part and the send button?2022-11-07T12:26:26+00:00

The standard length between top part and send button is 69 cm.

Is there a NB2000 with longer microphone arm?2022-11-07T12:30:48+00:00

The NB2000 can also be produced with a longer gooseneck microphone. Please contact the sales department by phone (+ 49 6103 48569 – 40) or by mail to sales@imtradex.de

Is there a NB2000 also as binaural splitting?2022-11-07T12:28:32+00:00

Yes, the NB2000 is available with the PTT-8 binaural with splitting feature. The possibility exists for Sepura STP 8000/9000 and Motorola 850FuG.

Is the NB2000 / NB1600 also avilable with a smaller neckband?2022-11-07T12:22:08+00:00

Imtradex USB products don’t require a driver. Via USB the functions loudspeaker and microphone are initiated by plug & play.

Is the mobile part of the WL-Dect also available as spare part?2022-11-07T12:34:32+00:00

No it is not available.

Is it possible to order the microphone at the left side on the products NB4000/NB2000/NB1600/AirTalk NBS?2022-11-07T12:25:09+00:00

Yes, that is possible. By default, the products are manufactured with microphone on the right. On request also left side possible.

Is a driver needed for USB products?2022-11-07T12:47:17+00:00

Imtradex USB products don’t require a driver. Via USB the functions loudspeaker and microphone are initiated by plug & play.

How should the microphone be positioned?2022-11-07T12:46:15+00:00

To achieve optimum noise suppression, it is important to position the microphone precisely. Please position the raised talking side of the microphone capsule 1 cm in front of your mouth.

To avoid damages due to the expansion and premature wear, never bend the gooseneck by more than 90°.

How is the volume setting defined for the USB products?2022-11-07T12:45:00+00:00

Our USB products are set to the following values the first time, depending on the operating system.

Windows XP     75 %
Windows 7        50 %
Windows 10      55 %

Due to our unique identification (serial number) of the USB products, no product is identical. It is necessary if, for example, a TM3 is replaced, to adjust the volume setting again as soon as it is connected for the first time.

How do I know, which site talking into the microphone?2022-11-07T12:42:08+00:00

For all of our headsets, there is a small round enhancement at the microphone site to speak into it. Furthermore, some headsets have a label with “TALK” for advice.

How can the PTT button be integrated with USB products?2022-11-07T12:38:00+00:00

All information is available in the development guide of the USB products.

Difference between new WL-Dect base station / Old WL-Dect base station?2022-11-07T12:33:08+00:00

The older base stations have gray keys, with the new base stations having purple keys.

Can I use the microphone of the USB products without using the hardware Push-To-Talk button, a so called soft-PTT?2022-11-07T12:43:04+00:00

Yes, the microphone is not muted via hardware.

Can I replace or repair the mobile part of the WL-Dect?2022-11-07T12:36:09+00:00

No, the WL-DECT base station can only be replaced completely, including the send button. The products are no longer repaired by the manufacturer.

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