Specialists for suitable solutions in every area of application

Whether for use in offices, control centers, call centers or for working environments under difficult conditions – we are the specialists for suitable solutions in every area of application.

Simulation and Operation

Training and simulation constitute crucial elements of Air Traffic Control. The AirTalk® Dongle offers a digital avenue to link your operational devices with the simulation area.

Aurelis with integrated NFC reader

Our partner ORIT – a brand of MERETEC Technologies GmbH presents a joint development with our well-known Aurelis in 2023, including the new function of reading RFID and NFC tags and transferring them to ORIT’s own scheduling system.

Compatibility firefighter helmets

Here you will find a list of firefighter helmet compatibilities and a PDF download. Further helmets and adaptations are available. Further certifications can also be provided on request.


Headsets with CalmNoiseLine (CNL) technology, which eliminates ambient noise occurring on the cable, which is also perceptible in the earcup due to the lightweight construction of the headsets.

The story of Aurelis

Powerful and flexible loudspeaker microphone that can be used in a wide range of applications. The story starts with the introduction of digital radio technologies to the public safety market around 2006.