High performance headsets for the aviation and space area, air traffic control and ground handling

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For a safe and smooth communication, the headset also becomes a safety factor and has to meet high requirements in order, for example, to be used in air traffic control.

In order to meet these requirements, we have developed a series of special headsets that withstand the demands while still providing maximum wearing comfort in the respective application areas, whether in the cockpit, air traffic control or on the runway. We have your solution!

Awarded in aviation!

Aviation is an area that needs constant communication at various levels to ensure safety for human beings. It is not limited to communication on the runway and in the airport area. Also, the communication between pilots and the air traffic control is of enormous importance for safe flying.

Our AirTalk® 3000 XD Flex was awarded the 2015 Technical Award by IFATCA.


We already have contacts with a large number of manufacturers of voice communication systems, simulators and other manufacturers and users in the field of aviation. The contacts are growing steadily.

Our headsets have been and are being used daily on Harris, Frequentis, SITTI, INDRA, Northrup Grumman, Rohde & Schwarz and NITA systems, just to name a few that connect our headsets.


The headsets can be very individually equipped, for example, spacers can be mounted for the perfect fit, or you can select a monaural or binaural headset. In the ground handling areas of the airfield, we offer headsets that have a sound-insulating effect and, for example, can be plugged directly into the aircraft for communication with the cockpit.

Our products have been in use for many years by the German air traffic control (DFS) and almost all flights passing over Germany are controlled through one of our headsets.



Here you have the possibility to download our product brochure about the products for Air Traffic Management.

If you are interested in the products or applications for Air Traffic Management, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at any time.

Portfolio AirTalk® FAMILY (en)

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IMTRADEX ATM Accessories

Accessories overview for the headset series AirTalk® 5000 for professional Air Traffic Management!

ATM Accessories AirTalk® 5000 (en)

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Wireless System

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  • AirTalk® 5000 XS WL

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What our partners say

We work with the world’s leading companies
in the ATC sector

We are very much impressed by the superior technical performance of the AirTalk headsets (especially the noise cancelling boom-microphone and the integrated acoustic shock protection system) as well as by the high user comfort, the reliability and durability of the systems.

The AirTalk headsets meet or even exceed all of our criteria for professional ATC communications systems!

Karl Seidel, Product Manager CNS/CS, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

The Imtradex Airtalk headset has been chosen by most of our airtraffic controllers as the preferred headset because of high wearing comfort, ergonomic PTT module and the very good audio quality.

As engineers we recommend to use the Imtradex Airtalk for it durability, lifetime and a good price / quality performance.

Goswin Visschers, Voice Communications Engineer, EUROCONTROL Maastricht

Our ATCs choose to use Imtradex headsets over other headsets as they found very reliable and comfortable to wear with good sound quality.

Lately we have ordered and received 4 more Air Talk headsets (Imtradex) for other airports.

Mr. Sangay, Head of CNS, ANS, Paro International Airport: Bhutan

Imtradex was introduced to Nepal during one of our airport improvement projects in 2015-16.

Since then the air traffic controllers have been requesting Imtradex AIRTALK headsets due to its superior sound quality, awesome sound cancellation microphone, comfort in use and most importantly its durability.

We are very much satisfied with their products as we have not received any complaints from our customer till date.

Saneej B Shrestha, Assistant Director, Pacific Commercial Co. (P) Ltd., Nepal.

Image film of the German Air Traffic Control

Air Navigation Services of Sweden