Air Traffic Management: Simulation & Operation – Hand in hand

Training and simulation constitute crucial elements of Air Traffic Control. ATCOs must undergo training to acclimate to new sites and systems. Moreover, they need to grasp emerging technologies and progressive concepts like Remote Digital Towers, Remote Towers, or Virtual Towers. The simulation provider covers these domains and more to offer the finest experience to air navigation service providers and their training institutions. To ensure this exceptional experience, seamless integration with existing or new operational systems is imperative. This aligns with the military adage of “train as you fight.”

Addressing the capacity to operate and train cohesively, it’s evident that communication equipment, such as handsets, headsets, and microphones, plays a pivotal role. While aligning equipment for operations and simulations might pose challenges, numerous factors must be considered, particularly in terms of equipment availability for each domain. The novel IMTRADEX concept facilitates uninterrupted communication between simulation and operational arenas.

The AirTalk® Dongle offers a digital avenue to link your operational devices with the simulation area. This adaptable device can be seamlessly integrated into various systems, and the IMTRADEX USB technology might already be familiar to your simulation setup. The Dongle concept synergizes seamlessly with the IMTRADEX AirTalk® series, presenting immediate connectivity options.

Furthermore, IMTRADEX delivers comprehensive communication equipment for ANSPs, yielding substantial returns on investment and drawing from over 30 years of collaborating with global ANSPs and the biggest VCS manufacturer. The products boast durable components, ensuring longevity, and are constructed with robustness in mind, but still light-weight.

With over 80,000 ATC headsets distributed across 70+ countries, these lightweight yet durable headsets guarantee comfort and endurance. The ergonomically designed Push- To-Talk buttons align perfectly with ATCOs‘ hands, whether opting for PTT-19, PTT-13, or the latest PTT-19 Dual tailored for remote tower applications.

Coupled with the headset choices within the AirTalk® headset series, the communication line-up offers a comprehensive product spectrum for ATCOs. This, in conjunction with IMTRADEX’s complete product range, furnishes ANSPs with advantageous and dependable solutions. The array of products encompasses additional devices designed for utilization within the ATM setting.

Übersicht des Simulation & Operation Systems - Airtraffic Management

Additionally, customized communication solutions are provided to meet the distinct requirements of each customer. The product lineup is accessible in both analog and USB variants, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all domains.

AirTalk® USB dongle

Connect your live headset to your choice of simulation & training system

  • Well established USB technology
  • Easy connection with the right connection to your live headset
  • USB stays at the training system.

AirTalk® USB PTT

Equal behavior and utilization for best training effects.

Our well-known and worldwide accepted PTT-buttons are available for use as a USB device. While using the detach option for the headset, you can use the same headset for multipurpose. You can easily switch between the live application and the training application.

You can choose either the pistol grip type PTT-13 or the well-shaped PTT-19 with a depressed PTT button. Both types bring a long and reliable lifetime with them. Our USB technology increase the value with adding DSP and noise reduction as well as a high compatibility.



Here you have the possibility to download our product brochure about the products for Air Traffic Management.

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