Robust and heat resistat headsets for ATEX compliant applications on approved handheld radios

Communication is always the key to success.

Why should communication end in potentially explosive areas?

We, the Imtradex Hör-Sprechsysteme GmbH, and our partner ecom instruments GmbH have a whole range of different headsets and speaker-microphone combinations for use in potentially hazardous areas, as in environments with gas and dust.

The headsets and loudspeaker-microphone combinations convince by a flexible use and a high level of clear performance. Through the noise-canceling microphone, the background noise are reduced in daily use or even completely hidden. This supports the secure communication between the individual participants, for example from the control center to the field engineer or within the colleagues when loading chemicals or similar operations.

Safety according to the latest standards

The headsets, in their different variations, can be connected to a whole range of digital or analogue radios.

Through the Bluetooth speaker microphone, many other possibilities arise. So can, for example, the device be connected to an explosion-proof mobile phone or smart phone or even a tablet. Furthermore, many handheld radios now support the bluetooth standard.


ecom – Ex-TRA 100 / 200

Explosion-proof headset for use in extreme conditions and for all tasks in hazardous areas.

ecom – Ex-TRA 300

Explosion-proof headset for use in extreme conditions and for all tasks in hazardous areas. Approved for ATEX Zone 1.

If you are interested in the products for communication in hazardous areas, please contact our support team directly.

Our support team is always available by phone at +49 6103 48569-40.


ecom – Ex-TRA 800 Aurelis

Flexible loudspeaker-microphone unit with clear and loud audio performance / 3-step volume control for the hazardous area.