Saftey instructions

Saftey instructions

General saftey instructions for users

  • General information

    Please read the instructions carefully and completely before using the device.

    Keep the user manual for future use, in such a manner that it will always be easily accessible.

    If you give the device to a third party always provide the user manual as well.

  • Avoid damage to health

    Always check the volume setting before starting to use the device. Set the volume to the lowest setting before turning on the device. Adjust the volume to the desired level after switching on the device. Excessively high volumes can eventually lead to permanent hearing damage.

  • Avoid product damage

    Please keep the product dry and clean. Avoid exposing the product to extreme temperatures or climate conditions.

    Handle the product carefully and keep it in a clean and dust-free place.

    Turn the device off after use. This conserves battery power thereby extending battery life.

  • Avoid damage to the battery

    The battery has no memory effect, and can therefore be recharged at any charge level.

    Please do not expose the device to excessive heat or strong sunlight for prolonged periods of time

    (e.g. cars dashboard in the summer).

    Please do not recharge the device at ambient temperatures below 0°Celsius.

    Use only those power adapters, charger adapters and battery packs that are recommended by Imtradex GmbH

  • Avoid damage to the power adaptor and the car recharger

    Please do not expose the charging devices to moisture.

    Disconnect the adapter from the power supply during electrical storms or prolonged periods of non-use.

    Please use the adapter only with compatible power supplies (See label).

    Please make sure that the adapter is always in good condition and easily accessible.

    Before use, please be sure that the charger is plugged firmly and securely into the power socket, or into the car charging receptacle.

  • Intended use

    Improper use is considered to mean the following:

    - Any form of use other than that described in the operating instructions.
    - Use under operation conditions deviating from those described in this manual.