Technical Glossary

Technical Glossary

The most important terms at a glance

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Acoustic-Shock-Protection (ASP)

ASP limites the acoustic level to safe your hearing of peaks.

Air Traffic Control

The air traffic control cares about a fluent air space. Furthermore it guides and monitors airplanes and air space.

Air Traffic Simulation

Air Traffic simulation are for training, practice and educate the Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO).

ATCA | Air Traffic Control Association

The Air Traffic Control Association is a independet organization. The non-profit organization takes care about the well-being of the Air Traffic Control profession and the avaiation community.


Bluetooth is a standard acc. IEEE 802.15.1 for data transmission between two devices over a short distance.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Special protocoll for better energy efficiency.


Authorities and organizations with security/safety responsibilities

Trunked Radio System

Trunked radio systems is a broad term for channel aggregation and will be used for different radio systems.


Transmission technology for wireless and interference-free audio transmission through amplitude modulation (AM)


Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications - International standard for wireless radio transmission in the telecommunication sector.

Dezibel (dB)

Dimensional unit for the audio volume.


Digital Mobile Radio is a digital radio standard to be used in the area of industrial communication.


Within duplex communication you differ between semi-duplex and full-duplex. Semi-duplex is a two communication, but only one direction at a time and full-duplex is a communication in both directions at the same time.

Ear mould

Ear piece designed to fit into the ear shape and transfer the signal into the ear canal.


Basic software implemented into the products, i.e. USB firmware for Imtradex USB products.

Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO)

The Air Traffic Control Officer takes care about the air space, to provide safe guidance to different aircrafts.


Radios send and receive speech and data over the air and a certain distance. In semi-professional areas als known as walkie-talkies. Most likely radios have a connectivity option for accessories, such as remote speaker or headsets with or w/o PTT button. Radios can be operated fixed installed or used for mobile operations.


Standard for digital mobile infrastructure.


A headset consists of at least one or more loudspeaker for play back of music or speech. Additionally one or more microphones can be connected for transfering speech to a counterpart. Furthermore microphones can be equipped for active hearing protection with situational awareness.

A headset can be worn in different styles, i.e. in-ear, over-the-ear, neckband or with ear strap.


Hear your surroundings at all times with the Hear-thru technology, incl. 360° situational awareness.

IFAIMA | International Federation of Aeronautical Information Associations

IFAIMA is willing to take care about a safe and efficient air navigation and the protection of their common professional interests for all the related staff in this industry.

IFATCA | International Federation of Air Traffic Controller

The non-profit organization IFATCA represetns more than 50.000 Air Traffic Controller in over 125 countries.

Ingress protection (IP)

The ingress protection or IP code describes the safety of a product against different environmental influences. The first digit is for safety against solid particle protection and the second digit is for safety against liquid.

Bone Conduction

A special type of microphone, which picks up the vibration from the speech via the bone. It can be at the skullcap or at the jawbone at the inner ear. The bone conduction microphones are insensitive against surrounding noises.

Command & Control room

The Command and Control room (C&C) is a central area, where communication is combined, i.e. industrial areas or police.

Lithium Polymer

Wiederaufladbarer Energiespeicher auf Polymerbasis.


Long Term Evolution, often termed as 4G, is a mobile standard with high data rates.


The traditional telephone call audio quality. Frequencies between 300 Hz and 3,4 kHz are transmitted.

Noice-Cancelling (NC)

Microphones with NC technology have a reduction of surround sound implemented.

Ear olive

Ear piece for use with neckband headsets. Because of it's design it is named ear olive.


Connecting two devices for an encrypted connectivity. The pairing process can be done with Bluetooth enabled device or devices in the ISM band. Possible pairing option are, i.e. a connection between a mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset or a detached PTT button with the receiver.


Industrial area, where computer-based commands are used to pick up different parts, i.e. in warehouses and supermarkets.


Short term for Professional Mobile Radio. It is the area of professional two-way radio communication.


Push-To-Talk over Celluar is likely an application such as PMR/DMR devices, but within the mobile phone network or any dedicated network such as WiFi.


Push-To-Talk is the button for transmitting speech.


Abbrevation for PoC. = Push-To-Talk over Celluar

Quick Disconnect

Connection possibility for easy and fast disconnect of the connector.

Sound tube

Acoustic channel for transmission of audio from speaker to the ear piece.


Long microphone arm, for picking up the noise at the mouth.

Signal-to-Noise ratio

Signal-to-Noise ratio is a technical measure for the quality of a useful signal which is overlayed with a noise interference.


One way communication.


A softphone software is a digital telephone. It allows making phone calls via a tablet or a PC without using a physical phone.


Distance piece for increasing the fit of a headset.


Transmission of two separated audio signals for a binaural headset, without mixing the signals. Frequently used in the Air Traffic Control.

Voice Communcation System

The Voice Communication System (VCS) is a system mostly based in Command and Control rooms of police, aviation or industrial areas. It takes care about the transmission of audio signals coming from different sources, such as radios, telephones or VoIP.


Terrestrial Trunked Radio is a standard for digital trunked radio systems.

Carrying method

Headsets can be worn differently. In-Ear, over-the-ear, neckband or ear stap versions are available.

Unified Communications

Marketing term for a combined communication in one working environment.


Universal Serial Bus is a globally recognized interface with standardized connectors in different sizes.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Often described also as IP-telephony, is VoIP a common method to make phone calls via the internet. Therefore the speech will be transformed into data and send. The receiver transforms the data back into speech.


High definition audio quality. With wideband enabled telecommuncation systems the speech qualtiy is increased. Usually it transmitt and receive voice signals between 50 Hz and 7 kHz.


Binaural headset, D is for double


Monaural headset, S is for single, one sided loudspeaker