Push-To-Talk Button PTT-19

Push-To-Talk Button PTT-19

The ergonomic Push-To-Talk button for use in control rooms and aviation areas


  • Comfortable fit to your hand build of a robust synthetic material
  • Long lasting design of switching elements with tactile feedback
  • Button designed in a depression for easy to use and higher safety for unintended push of the PTT
  • Belt clip for easy stowing during any shift


Our Push-To-Talk button PTT-19 is an ergonomically designed button for a comfortable fit to your hand. The button is slightly depressed in the housing to be easily used with your thumb. Additionally the depressions help to prevent from unintended push of the PTT button.


The robust housing allows a daily use even in tough situations. The switching elements are designed for long life and outstanding performance. The tactile center of pressure giving you a perfect feedback and a mechanical end stop increase the life time of the product. The PTT-19 can be used as an inline PTT button.


The adaption to your voice communication system can easily be done. Any electrical adjustment can be done inside the PTT-19. The adaption can be done for nearly any system. Different voice communication systems are already available and adapted.


The optional belt clip can be used for stowing the product away during your long shifts.

More informations

  • Technical data

    Technical data

    • Material description

      Bayblend T45 PG

    • Material definition

      PC ABS

    • Flammability


    • dielectric strength

      35 kV/mm

    • IP protection class


    • RoHS


    • Contact resistance

      30 mΩ

    • Insulation resistance

      10 MΩ

    • Operating force

      3 N

    • Temperature range

      -40°C to +115°C

    • Lifetime

      10.000.000 Zyklen

    • Tactile path


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  • Compatibility


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