Invisio V50

Invisio V50

Intelligent control unit with up to 2 channels


  • Automatic detection with Auto-Sensing at the Com ports
  • Easy to use with one or two radios and up to 4 channels
  • Waterproof up to 20m
  • Lightweight with adaption for different headsets
  • Easy to operate Hear-Thru function


The Invisio V50 is a compact designed control unit. The device can be connected to up to 2 radios and can be control up to 4 channels with the 4 included PTT buttons. A multi control unit for best operation.


With the Auto-Sensing technology the headsets as well as the radios will be automatically detected and the parameter adapted. Therefore the best parameters are in place. Using the V50 and the respective headset is a perfect experience.


The control unit can be powered from the connected radios or using the inserted batteries. The easy to use Hear-Thru technology allows a perfect adjustment to the different surroundings. The volume of the surroundings can be changed easily with one handed operation. If no surroundings are needed it can be easily switched off.


The device is tested according latest MIL-Std 810 G and is waterproofed for up to 20 m.

More informations

  • Technical data

    Technical data

    General Information
    • COM-Ports


    • PTT-Tasten


    • Hear-Thru-Button


    • Größe

      70 x 63 x 30 mm

    • Weight


    • Tauchfestigkeit


    • Stromversorgung

      Interne Batterie oder über COM-Ports

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