CableCom LR

CableCom LR

The system solution for long distances.


  • Watertight up to 10m
  • All connectors IP68
  • Power via USB
  • Volume control with on/off switch


The latest member of our CableCom family is the CableCom LR. The affix LR means long range. The system is built for a peer2peer communication with a range of more than 5 kilometres. The flexibility of the system allows a wide range of headsets to be connected to the CableCom LR, using the right headset for every application. The mission scenario is mostly areas which can be reached difficult, especially for rescue missions in mining or cave areas.


The system is also flexible in terms of power source, so can be a USB/5V power bank be used, a mobile phone with USB on-the-go connector or a 9V battery. All connectors are IP68. The volume control supports also the turn off/on function of the device. Familiar with all other CableCom devices, the CableCom LR supports also the sidetone.

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  • Sound insulation headset
  • Long gooseneck with noise cancelling microphone
  • Volume control with on/off switch
  • Integrated amplifier with sidetone


  • Easy communication in loud environment with approx. 27 dB sound insulation
  • Robust design for use in nearly all industries
  • Noise-cancelling microphone for clear transmission
  • Easy adaption to different devices