CableCom E

CableCom E

Our sound-absorbing headset for loud environments


  • Sound insulation headset

  • Long gooseneck with noise cancelling microphone

  • Volume control with on/off switch

  • Integrated amplifier with sidetone


Our CableCom technology is an easy to handle 2-wire communication in dependence of the connected user and the cable length. These ease of use let the CableCom be a ideal choice for service and maintenance work, especially in sensible areas, where radios are not to be used.


The CableCom-E has a built-in amplifier with volume control incl on/off switch and a battery. Usually the headset is equipped with whether a 6.35mm jack or socket depending on your choice. The variation of use is in dependence of the needed volume, cable length and the number of users. There is also a sidetone included. The long gooseneck with the noise cancelling microphone can be perfectly adjusted to the mouth. The comfortable cushions at the ears and the headband giving a long time wearing comfort.


The CableCom technology is also available in different version, such as the Light version with a dedicated 2-wire amplifier for a flexible option with different headsets, such as the neckband NB1600 among others. The last variant is our CableCom LR. The LR stands for long range and is able to reach distances of more than five km at a peer2peer connection. It is designed to be used for rescues in areas such as mining or caves, where a radio would not be an ideal choice. More information are you can find at the CableCom LR product page.

More informations

  • Technical data

    Technical data

    General Information
    • Color


    • Weight


    • Temperature range

      - 30°C bis + 70°C

    • Working principle


    • Direction


    • Noise-Cancelling


    • Impedance

      4,4 kΩ (1 kHz)

    • Sensitivity

      -44 dB ± 3 dB at 1 kHz

    • Frequency range

      300Hz bis 10kHz

    • Typ


    • Sound pressure level

      97dB ± 3 dB (1kHz)

    • Frequency range

      20Hz bis 10kHz

    • Impedance

      300Ω ± 15% (1 kHz)

    Sonstige Angaben
    • Operating voltage

      9V (CableCom-E)

    • Operating time

      10h (Akku) bis 30h (Batterie)

    • Sound insulation

      ca. 27dB

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  • Easy communication in loud environment with approx. 27 dB sound insulation
  • Robust design for use in nearly all industries
  • Noise-cancelling microphone for clear transmission
  • Easy adaption to different devices


CableCom LR

CableCom LR

  • Watertight up to 10m
  • All connectors IP68
  • Power via USB
  • Volume control with on/off switch