NB 4000

NB 4000

Open loudspeaker for our neckband headset NB4000


  • Lightweight with pressure-free and comfortable fit
  • Easy to wear with helmets and splash suits
  • Big sized PTT button with easy mounting and comfortable handling
  • Excellent for noisy environment
  • Use with nearly all analogue and digital radios


The NB4000 our neckband headset with open loudspeaker. You will be convinced of the headset with its delicate and plan design but still offering a high grade of ruggedness for flexible applications. The high-end audio components supporting with clear transmission and reception on either side. Furthermore your counterpart hearing clear signals, as the microphone will suppress environmental noises with its noise-cancellation functions.


The loudspeaker unit is flexible mounted and can be placed to your and the environmental needs. If you are in noisy environments you can place the loudspeaker closer to your ear, but still have your surrounding noises available. If your environment is less noisy, you can place the loudspeaker away from your ear and still hear every transmission.


The NB400 can easily be worn under helmets or even with splash suits, because of its small design.  You can also wear it long shifts with it pressure-free fit.


The PTT-8 button will be available with a big-sized button and optional in a phosphorescent design. With the clothing clip it can be mounted to your uniform or jacket with 180° rotation option. With our protective ring an involuntary press of the button can be reduced.


The device can be connected to a wide variety of radios, doesn’t matter if it is a digital or an analogue one.

More informations

  • Technical data

    Technical data

    General Information
    • Weight


    • Color


    • Temperature range

      - 20° C to + 50°C

    • Working principle


    • Direction


    • Noise-Cancelling


    • Impedance

      4,4 kΩ (1 kHz)

    • Frequency range

      300 Hz to 10 kHz

    • Sensitivity

      -44 dB ± 3.5 dB at 1 kHz

    • Sound pressure level

      100 dB

    • Typ


    • Impedance

      32Ω ± 20%

    • Sensitivity

      117 dB ± 3 dB (1kHz)

    • Frequency range

      120 Hz to 10 kHz

    • Temperature range

      - 20° C to + 70°C

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