NB 1600

NB 1600

Small headset – big impression – our NB 1600


  • Light weight with pressure-free and comfortable fit
  • Easy wearing with helmets and pleasure suits or maks
  • Big sized PTT button available for ease of use
  • Adaption to nearly all major analogue and digital radios


The smallest child in our neckband family – the NB 1600. The plain and filigree design of the neckband convinces with ruggedness and allowing you a flexible use. The high class components bringing crystal clear communication for your own hearings and the hearings of your counterpart.


The noise cancellation microphone suppressing environmental noises for clear transmission. These feature offering you an effective communication.


Whether you wear a helmet with and without mask and shielding or you are dressed with a splash suit, the small design of the neckband is your perfect companion. You can wear the NB1600 a long time as it is pressure-free also over long time.


The neckband is connected to your ear via different ear adapters. There different designs, forms and sizes available for the ear adaptors.


The neckband can be connected to our PTT-8 push-to-talk button. The button has a big sized button and the housing is equipped with a 180° rotatable clothing clip.


The headset can be connected to a wide variety of devices. The device can be connected to analogue and digital radios or GSM-R devices.

More informations

  • Technical data

    Technical data

    General Information
    • Dimensions

      180mm x 110mm x 40mm

    • Weight


    • Color


    • Temperature range

      - 20° C to + 50°C

    • Working principle


    • Direction


    • Noise-Cancelling


    • Impedance

      1,6 kΩ (1 kHz)

    • Frequency range

      150Hz to 4 kHz

    • Sensitivity

      -51 dB ± 3.5 dB at 1 kHz

    • Sound pressure level

      110 dB S.P.L.

    • S/N ratio

      58 dB at 1 kHz

    • Temperature range

      - 20° C to + 60°C

    • Typ


    • Impedance

      220Ω ± 20%

    • Sensitivity

      116 dB ± 3 dB (1kHz)

    • Frequency range

      20 Hz to 10 kHz

    • Temperature range

      - 20° C to + 70°C

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