Feel the AirTalk 5000



Convince yourself of the latest headset of the popular AirTalk series for professional air traffic management.
The Imtradex AirTalk 5000 is completely designed to meet the future needs of air traffic controllers.
It is even lighter without loosing robustness. Feel the difference:

Feel the future of communications



There is no doubt that the future will change many things, but one thing is guaranteed,
headsets will remain one of the most important equipment of an air traffic controller.
Browse through our brand new brochure and immerse yourself in the AirTalk 5000 feeling.
Feel the safety, efficiency, scalability and flexibility.




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"The AirTalk series is the proof that a robust work equipment does not have to subordinate itself to ergonomic and weight criteria. The AirTalk series is uncompromisingly designed for high stability combined with maximum comfort." 


– Ralf Kudernak, CEO of Imtradex